Additions to the Blogroll

Along with the updated look comes an updated blogroll. In no particular order, here are the additions:

Snarkmarket: Commentary on technology, culture, media, design, and more from (primarily) three very sharp guys: Tim Carmody, Robin Sloan, and Matt Thompson.

Aca/Fan: Henry Jenkins’ blog. Jenkins is a leading scholar of new media and popular culture.

Brainpickings: Curated by Maria Popova. I’m not sure how she has time for anything else, like eating and breathing for example, given the time she must spend finding all of the fascinating stuff that makes it onto the site each day.

Rod Dreher’s Blog: Dreher, the author of Crunchy-Cons, is a thoughtful voice on the Right. He speaks for a brand of conservatism that sits uneasily, if at all, within the Republican Party — a Wendell Berry style conservatism.

How to Be A Retronaut: Always interesting and sometimes fascinating assortment of objects from the past. Those with a nostalgic bent beware, you may get stuck on the site for longer than you would want to admit.

The Technium: Kevin Kelly’s blog. I’m not always on board with Kelly, one of the founding editors of Wired Magazine, but he is always stimulating and is worth reading on technology and culture.

The Immanent Frame: A scholarly site devoted to the sociology of religion and the public sphere.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: News about higher education with articles and essays from academics in a wide array of fields and disciplines.

Cyborgology: Site created by sociologists exploring the intersections of digital media and material culture. Frequently thought provoking.

The New Atlantis: Journal exploring technology and society, often, but not exclusively, from ethical and philosophical perspectives.

Also, note that Alan Jacobs is no longer posting on Text Patterns, but I’ll leave the link up there for now since one can still peruse the archive.

The “About This Blog” page has been updated as well.

Finally, feel free to leave feedback on the new look. It’s growing on me, but not set in stone yet.

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