The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah” – Review at Mere Orthodoxy.

“How Facebook Deforms Us” – Review of Siva Vaidhayanathan’s Antisocial Media for The New Atlantis.

“What is Posthumanism?” – A review of Cary Wolf’s What is Posthumanism? at Rhizomes.


“The Analog City and the Digital City”: On the emerging digital political and cultural order.

“The Easy Way Out”: On the myth of convenience and modern technology for Real Life.

“The Inescapable Town Square” – Part of The New Atlantis’s symposium on “the crisis of digital discourse.”

“Always On” – Technologies of the self and heightened self-consciousness at Real Life Magazine.

“Personal Panopticons” – On the subjective experience of pervasive surveillance at Real Life Magazine.

“The Tech Backlash We Really Need” – Analysis of the so-called tech backlash. In the summer 2018 issue of The New Atlantis. 

“Technology in America” – A Tocquevillian analysis of technology in America written for The American. This piece was featured on Arts & Letters Daily and The Browser’s Best of the Web.

“Dead and Going to Die” – Thinking about consciousness and identity in an age of pervasive documentation with the help a Civil War-era photograph. At The New Inquiry.

“Circle of Presence” – At The New Inquiry, this essay examines the role our devices play in our interactions with others in light of Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of embodiment.

“What Do I ‘Like’ When I Like On Facebook” – An Augustinian reflection on social media and identity at Cyborgology.

“Algorithms Who Art in Apps, Hallowed Be Thy Code” – An analysis of the rhetoric surrounding algorithms at The Infernal Machine (now defunct, essay available onsite here.)

“The Spectrum of Attention” – A taxonomy of attention focusing on both the attending mind and the attending body. At The Infernal Machine (now defunct, essay available onsite here.)

“Living for the Moment in the Age of Memory Abundance” – Or, as one reader put, YOLO is what happens when you carry a camera all the time. At Second Nature Journal.

“Perspectives on Privacy and Flourishing” – Media ecology oriented discussion of privacy, individuality, and the space for intimacy. At Second Nature Journal.

“Conscience of a Machine” – Reflections on autonomous vehicles and ethical decision making. At Second Nature Journal.