“Technology in America” – A Tocquevillian analysis of technology in America written for The American. This piece was featured on Arts & Letters Daily and The Browser’s Best of the Web.

“The Tech Backlash We Really Need” – Analysis of the so-called tech backlash. In the summer 2018 issue of The New Atlantis. 

“Dead and Going to Die” – Thinking about consciousness and identity in an age of pervasive documentation with the help a Civil War-era photograph. At The New Inquiry.

“Circle of Presence” – At The New Inquiry, this essay examines the role our devices play in our interactions with others in light of Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of embodiment.

“What Do I ‘Like’ When I Like On Facebook” – An Augustinian reflection on social media and identity at Cyborgology.

“Algorithms Who Art in Apps, Hallowed Be Thy Code” – An analysis of the rhetoric surrounding algorithms at The Infernal Machine (now defunct, essay available onsite here.)

“The Spectrum of Attention” – A taxonomy of attention focusing on both the attending mind and the attending body. At The Infernal Machine (now defunct, essay available onsite here.)

“Slice of Life” – Examining Facebook through the lens of Hitchcock’s Rear Window at The Medias Res.

“Living for the Moment in the Age of Memory Abundance” – Or, as one reader put, YOLO is what happens when you carry a camera all the time. At Second Nature Journal.

“Perspectives on Privacy and Flourishing” – Media ecology oriented discussion of privacy, individuality, and the space for intimacy. At Second Nature Journal.

“Conscience of a Machine” – Reflections on autonomous vehicles and ethical decision making. At Second Nature Journal.

“What is Posthumanism?” – A review of Carey Wolf’s book, What is Posthumanism?, at Rhizomes.