Some Changes Coming to the Blog

I’ve not messed with the layout of this blog since its inception except for adding some widgets, such as the Twitter feed, to the sidebar. Perhaps against my better judgment, I’m planning on giving the blog an aesthetic overhaul in the coming days, mostly because I’ve gotten a bit bored with the template. So if you come to the site and things look quite different, do not be alarmed (not that you would’ve been, of course). I am planning on keeping the header photo, which, by the way, is a picture I took while walking around Cambridge, England a few years back. Once I settle on a new look, feel free to let me know what you think.

I’ll also be updating the blogroll and possibly reworking the Categories. Changes to the Categories, when last I made them a year or so ago, seemed to also cause some  weirdness with the RSS feed. Some posts appeared to have re-published for some reason when I recategorized them. So apologies in advance if anything of the sort happens this time around.


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