Modernity Taketh and Modernity Selleth Back to You

Overwhelmed by the demands of the attention economy? We’ve got just the thing:


I think of the design as dystopian chic.

Frazzled by noise pollution? Not to worry, $350 noise cancelling headphones are here for you.


That is, of course, if you simply cannot afford the conservatively priced four-day $4200 silent detox retreats.

Stressed out by the crowds? There are a slew of services lined up to sell you the luxury of not having to deal with other people.

Miss the deep stillness and beauty of the night? No worries. There’s a slice of the tourism industry devoted to service just this need.

In short: public goods become private luxuries. No news here, I realize. I’m curious if you have any examples of the pattern you care to share in the comments below.

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