A Note for Readers

A few months ago, I set up an account with Patreon, a platform that allows supporters to make monthly pledges to writers, artists, etc. I did so as part of my ongoing effort to figure out a way of making my way as what one might call an independent scholar. I wasn’t exactly making a killing with Patreon, but a few of you generous souls have seen fit over the last few months to pay the writer. I’ve been and remain deeply appreciative.

It turns out that recent changes to Patreon’s fee structure have made giving small amounts rather onerous for donors, creating quite the backlash from users. Given Patreon’s changes, and emails from readers about a few related frustrations with the service, I’ve decided to set up an alternative. Alongside the Patreon link, you’ll now find a link to a Paypal.me page. Unfortunately, this does not provide a way to set up recurring donations, but it is pretty easy to use and they take less from both of us, as far as I can make out. It also makes it easy to make a one time donation if, for example, you found a particular post especially helpful or brilliant or life-changing, etc.

For now, I’ll be leaving the Patreon account open. If you’re one of the happy few who have donated through Patreon, please do feel free to suspend your donations if you find it a poor use of your resources.

Also, I’m always grateful for feedback. I sometimes envision my work here as an attempt to occupy a space somewhere between academic and popular writing on technology: a little more accessible than the former and offering a bit more depth than the latter. Let me know how I’m doing. I’m curious, too, about which sorts of posts readers find useful or what you may want to see more of (or less of). You can find my email address on the About page.


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