The past two years I have written a post on the day of Thanksgiving related to the theme of gratitude. The first of these reflected briefly on some lines from G.K. Chesterton and a stanza of poetry from Wendell Berry. The second explored the possibility of taking a sense of gratitude as a measure of technology. If two consecutive instances constitute a tradition of sorts, then I want to maintain the tradition while deviating just slightly from precedent by posting today, on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Also, rather than offering any thoughts on gratitude, my own or another’s, I’ll take the opportunity to pass along my thanks to you, those of you who have taken the time to read, comment, and pass along what you’ve read here to others.

When I started this blog in earnest a little over two years ago, I had little sense of how the endeavor would play out. I’m pleased to report that it has played out quite well by my estimation (even if it hasn’t quite resulted in fame and fortune!). I’m grateful for the opportunity to clarify my thinking through the act of writing for a (modest) public, and I’m grateful for the further clarification that has arisen from the interactions that followed. I’m grateful as well for the generous mentions this blog has received from others. And I’m grateful for the opportunities to write for other venues that have arisen over the past year or so. All of this, of course, arises directly from your generosity.

So then, thank you.

And, of course, happy Thanksgiving.

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