Temps de Flor in Girona

I’m not a photographer and this is not a travel blog. That said, I trust you will indulge me as I put up a post or two over the next few days with photographs from the past couple of weeks. For part of that time I was in Barcelona, a vibrant city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. A little later on this week I’ll likely post about the world’s fairs held there in 1888 and 1929. But for now I’ll share some photographs taken just a short train trip to the north in the city of Girona. Serendipitously, I came to the city during the annual Temps de Flors, a flower festival held each May.

Even without the flowers, Girona is a delightful city; the flowers simply add gorgeous dashes of color to the remarkably photogenic scenery. Of course, photographs don’t quite measure up to the experience, particularly when they are taken by an amateur with a rather pedestrian camera, but here a few of the better or more interesting ones.

N.B. The bridge in the first photo was designed by Gustave Eiffel whose more famous work resides in Paris and no political statement is necessarily intended by the last photo.


6 thoughts on “Temps de Flor in Girona

  1. Michael, for a self-proclaimed amateur photographer, these photos are delightful. The flower additions sometimes seem a bit incongruous with the old buildings, but fun, too.

    Best wishes to you on your travel and research.


  2. Girona looks wonderful — how great you found yourself there during a flower festival! Love the design on the steps in front of (what looks like) a cathedral.

  3. Looks and sounds like a great trip!

    Hope you don’t mind – I’m always saying this to my daughter – using whatever photo software that’s on you computer can improve many pics just by darkening them a little and increasing the contrast a little. No need for fancy stuff, but doing these 2 things will bring out a lot of detail otherwise lost.

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