So it’s always fun to get Freshly Pressed on WordPress. It means a bunch of new visitors and often lively interaction.

So if you’re here because you saw my recent post on the WordPress home page, welcome! Glad to have you. Make yourself at home and take a look around. You can read about this blog and a little about me in the pages linked above.

Mostly what you’ll find here is my “thinking out loud” about technology and its impact on society, along with an assortment of reflections on other sundry topics as suggested by the categories to the right and the tag cloud.

If you like what you come across, right above the tag cloud to the right you can subscribe to the RSS feed or to receive new posts via email. And if you are on Twitter, you can find a link to follow @FrailestThing right below the Twitter Feed.

Once again, thanks for dropping in.


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