Follow Ups

Often valuable  material related to earlier posts I had written comes to my attention.  Rather than attach the new stuff to the original posts which are by then buried beneath more recent items, it made more sense to collect the new material and from time to time devote  a post to these follow ups.  So here you go:

Following up on “Hitchens and Prayer,” here is one of the more thoughtful reflections I’ve come across on the topic:  “The Most Pressing Question” by Damon Linker at The New Republic.

Following up on “Parenting and Its Discontents,” Jason Peters at Front Porch Republic writes on the importance of extended families in “The Orphans of Success.”

And following up on “Technology Sabbaths and Other Strategies for the Digitized World,” I found that Erika Kosina had also written a great post, “Time for a Technology Sabbath?”, at Yes! with some very helpful suggestions.

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