I’m on record taking issue with the term community, especially when used in the context of digital media. I haven’t changed my mind about that. However, maintaining a blog over the course of several years does generate a modest experience of relationship with the presumptive audience. This is more pronounced with those of you with whom I’ve had exchanges in the comments or by email, of course, and even more so with the few of you I’ve met in person over the years. Nonetheless, writing into the void somehow conjures up, in my imagination anyway, a figure of that void that takes on a certain affective concreteness encompassing even those I’ve never interacted with at all.

Consequently, and despite the fact that this is obviously not a very personal blog, I have occasionally felt compelled to provide you with a brief accounting of developments in my state of affairs. Don’t worry—I’ll be brief.

I’m stepping away from the realm of steady, predictable employment and into the realm of not-quite-so-steady and not-entirely-predictable contract work and freelancing alongside my efforts to develop the Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology.

This is, as you might imagine, a “big move.” But it is also a good move, at least I am hopeful that it will be. As I wrote in the latest newsletter, I’m feeling both a refreshing sense of renewed possibilities and a bit of trepidation moving forward into essentially uncharted and unpredictable territory. But mostly I’m hopeful and re-energized.

Practically, this means more writing. I trust that will be mostly for places that pay. If you happen to be an editor reading this and you think my writing might work well with your publication, please, by all means, let me know. I’ll also be dusting off my notes from Anne Trubek’s excellent online Pitch and Submit class, which I took a few years ago.

But I will also be posting a touch more frequently here as well. Alan Jacobs has long been a model for me in the maintenance of a digital presence, and I’ve been encouraged by his calls for a renewal of blogging (here, for example). My plan is to begin posting shorter reflections, excerpts from my reading, etc., alongside the occasional longer, more developed post. I hope that will sit well with you all.

If you find the work here useful, let others know about it. If you’re so inclined, consider supporting the work (here or here).


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