The Work Ahead

Earlier this month, I was notified by WordPress that my blog was celebrating its seventh anniversary. When I began the blog then, I did not realize that the sort of blogging I was going to attempt was already passé. That I persist in doing so to this day, quietly typing away for a small audience as time allows must seem quaint, and, to be honest, sometimes strikes even me as stubborn or possibly foolish. Nonetheless, here we are.

If you follow the blog, you’ve noticed that posting has picked up over the last month or so. I hope to keep that up. I’ve laid out three areas of interest that I hope to pursue over the next several weeks. At the somewhat more scholarly end of things, I’ll be reading and writing about disenchantment, modernity, and technology. I’ve thought for sometime that there are valuable insights available down this line of inquiry. I first wrote about the topic here, and more recently began a series of posts that amount to notes on the topic here.

In a less scholarly and slightly more personal vein, I opened up a second strand of posts on what it means to be a parent in the digital age. I realize that “X in the digital age” is kind of a hackneyed phrase, but I can’t think of any better alternatives. It’s useful shorthand, in any case. The first of these posts is here.

Finally, this morning, I got back to a re-consideration of Walter Ong and what his work on orality and literacy can teach us about digital communication and the world it shapes. That post is here, and there will be at least two more on the way.

Of course, posts that are not related to these three areas of interest will also be forthcoming. I also have about three-quarters of a mind to start a modest newsletter. Like my first attempts at blogging, I suspect this will also come just as the newsletter fad is passing away. Don’t worry, I promise there will be no podcast or Youtube channel.

In any case, I’ll now lay my cards on the table. I am ramping up my work here because I am hoping that some of you will find it helpful enough to consider supporting my efforts. The work I do here, I do as an independent scholar. This, of course, is just another way of saying that nobody is paying me to do it.

In truth, I would be perfectly content continuing to write as a labor of love as I have through most of the past seven years, however, it would be hard for me to justify the expenditure of time under my circumstances. But not long ago, I stumbled onto a platform called Patreon that was designed to allow artists, writers, etc. to solicit steady support, and I created a page you can find here.

I understand what it means these days to give financial support to work that you value, it’s not an easy thing to do. I understand as well that there are countless other more worthy causes. So, I’m grateful for your consideration. As always, thanks for reading

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