It’s been about half a year since last I posted so I thought it was time for a bit of an update. I’m happy to report that our daughter is healthy and happy and now six months old. Being a parent has been everything you might guess: exhausting and wonderful beyond what I could have imagined, and I thought I was going into this with eyes pretty wide open.

Then there is the Center for Study of Ethics and Technology (CSET), of which I am the director. This is in every respect a fledgling venture. For the past few months it’s been little more than a place-holding website with a “coming soon” page that amounted to false advertisement. It’s not too much more than that now, admittedly, but the site is in better shape and I will begin blogging there this week. Also, I’ll be announcing details about a course that I will be co-teaching, “Technology, Faith, and Human Flourishing,” this June in the Pittsburgh area.

The future of CSET depends on many things, of course–eventual funding not least among them–but my hope is that the Center will be a source of timely and, one hopes, intelligent reflection on the ethical consequences of technological change, both through the creation of online resources and through public lectures, readings, colloquia, and courses. Those familiar with my writing on this blog will not be surprised by the sort work taken up by CSET. There will be, however, more of a focus on the intersections of technology and religion, an area that was mostly a tacit theme here.

If any of this sounds the least bit intriguing, you can keep up with CSET through the usual means. Visit the website and sign up for email updates or subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. You can also follow the Center on Twitter and/or Facebook. And, of course, if you know of anyone who would find the Center’s work to be of interest, let them know that we are up and running.

I’d certainly be glad to hear from you if you’ve got any thoughts about what might make CSET useful. Feel free to drop me an email.

I hope this posts finds you all well. Cheers!






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