On Tumblr

Alright, I finally caved. I just created a tumblr. It is born partially out of a certain slothfulness. I frequently come across items I want to pass on, but I feel as if I need to do more than just link to them if I’m going to post them on here. More often than not, I don’t have the time to do that. I’ve tried the “For Your Consideration” compilation posts, but they take a while also. Twitter’s fine, of course, but sometimes I just stubbornly want to highlight more than 140 characters. And honestly, while I’ve appreciated well enough, I’ve never quite felt at home on Twitter. I’m sure it’s a temperamental thing. Long story short, I give you the more concise, more nimble version of The Frailest Thing.

When I started this blog, I imagined it as something like a digital commonplace book. Tumblr more naturally fits that purpose it seems. Also, I had originally envisioned this blog as a more eclectic affair. While some eclecticism has survived, the focus is clearly on technology. There’ll be plenty of technology related stuff on the tumblr version too, but I do plan on using it to collect a considerably wider variety of material.

So there you have it. Cheers!


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