Human Wisdom as Relational Knowing

From Celia Deane-Drummond’s “What is Human Wisdom?: An Interrogation of Posthuman Futures in Transhuman Evolutionary Discourse” at The Global Spiral:

Human wisdom is also about relational knowing that seeks to incorporate scientific knowing as one dimension in an overall picture of the whole, so on this basis a psychological interpretation of wisdom cannot be exhaustive. Nicholas Lash believes that scientific thinking about human knowledge has followed in the tradition of the seventeenth century scientist Francis Bacon, who argued that history flows from memory, poetry from imagination, and science/philosophy from reason. Such a scheme dissociates memory from argument, experience from reason, and imagination becomes relegated to the poetic way of thinking. He suggests that this reduces the significance of story telling, of parable and paradoxical ways of thinking. The scientific project becomes a way of homogenising other forms of knowledge, history becomes simply a receiving of facts that are passed on to the next generation. Transhuman discourse shows both a commitment to the Enlightenment project alongside apparent ignorance of transhumanism’s socially limited appeal.

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